Many Years In Development

Hi. My name is Patti Rose. I have been ponding for over 40 years -- and working about that long to get a vacuum that I felt was worth the effort to use and the cost to purchase. With twenty years of experience in the aerospace industry I tried many different parts and configurations. I finally realized what I had when I purchased a competitor's vacuum and tried to use it.

My husband, Doug, and I were going to rent pond vacuums as part of our pond business. We knew that we needed a stable of different vacuums to meet everyone's need. Once I tried them all, I quit talking about renting and decided to market the miracle that I had.

Now you have the opportunity to see if I am right or just plain crazy.

Check out these features!


The EasyPondVac© has great suction! It actually works like Patti says it does!

The EasyPondVac© doesn't require electricity so there is no danger of electric shock.

The EasyPondVac© is quiet -- Vacuum your pond and listen to the birds and the waterfall too.

The EasyPondVac© has a window in the Wand that lets you see what you are vacuuming up -- even when you can't see the bottom of the pond.

The EasyPondVac© works in above ground ponds as well as below ground ponds.

The EasyPondVac© Wand is large. The 1-1/4 inch diameter assures that large leaves and algae strings get picked up so you can vacuum instead of spending your time clearing clogs.

The EasyPondVac© has a 30 foot exhaust hose. You will never be standing in a puddle and you have plenty of hose to water and fertilize your whole yard.

The EasyPondVac© BackSaver© works for people who are tired of bending over to clean their pond. The BackSaver© keeps the hose and all that water near the ground where it belongs. Your back will be glad you didn't have to sling a heavy wand around while you vacuumed.

And most importantly, the EasyPondVac© is manufactured in the USA by a small business that cares about you.

We at EasyPondVac© know that if you aren't happy our business won't succeed.

The EasyPondVac© is the intellectual property of Patti Rose.
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